Sex vintage german classic - "Die Alllergeilsten Sexabenteuer"


Name: Die Alllergeilsten Sexabenteuer

Categories: Sex vintage german classic, 1995, Germany, German



Country: Germany


Duration: 83 min

Year: 1995

Language: German

The game of “Cowboys and Indians” takes on a new meaning when the cowpokes (guys) take on the Indians (girls) in a sexy free-for-all to find out if those “ol” six-shooters are really better than a quiver full of arrows. In reality, Steve runs a dude ranch in the mountains and after teaching Susie the finer points of horsing around, he challenges this rich little Beverly Hills brat and her friends to a game of search and enjoy. The cowboys are up to the challenge, but the Indian princesses head 'em off at the pass. In the woods, this raiding party would have made Custer's Last Stand – his last lay.

Sex vintage german classic - "Die Alllergeilsten Sexabenteuer"

Sunday, November 27, 2016


Sex vintage german classic1995GermanyGerman

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