Germany sex mature retro - "Die Zauberflote"


Name: Die Zauberflote

Director: Dominique Gout

Language: German

Country: Germany

Year: 1977

Duration: 77 min

Categories: Germany sex mature retro, 1977, Germany, German, Dominique Gout, Erika Cool, Daniele David, Marlene Myller, Sophie Bulle, Cyril Val, Gilbert Servien, Jacques Couderc, Madou Sall, Guy Bonnafoux, Siegried Cellier, Jean Cherlian, Gaston Meunier, Ray Prevet, Philippe Prevet

Actress: Erika Cool,Daniele David,Marlene Myller,Sophie Bulle

Actors: Cyril Val,Gilbert Servien,Jacques Couderc,Madou Sall,Guy Bonnafoux,Siegried Cellier,Jean Cherlian,Gaston Meunier,Ray Prevet,Philippe Prevet

Hughe de Grand-Mât is a dissolute man who lives in a stately home alone but for his secretary, Joyce (never to be mentioned again). Feeling his death approaching he gathers all his descendants in order to decide who is going to be his heir. (The soundtrack mentions the families being stern and serious but sublime Erika Cool and Siegrid Cellier were definitely not fit to embody that!). Joël is there with his parents and looking forward to meeting his cousin Catherine. When bored Joël goes out and Catherine seems glad to accompany him but ... Strolling alone on the grounds, Joël witnesses his uncle dressed in religious clothes inside his chapel and masturbating while his two female servants are involved with each other and a plastic tool. Joël enters and masturbates too until he faints on the steps leading to the altar.

Germany sex mature retro - "Die Zauberflote"

Friday, March 3, 2017


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