Adult 1980 girls in "Sodo Pou Une Blonde"


Name: Sodo Pou Une Blonde

Year: 1981

Language: French

Duration: 77 min

Country: France


Categories: Adult 1980 girls, 1981, France, French, Mika Barthel, Laura Clair, Nicole Segaud, Cathy Dupre, Eva Muller, Richard Lemieuvre, Dominique Aveline, Jacques Gatteau

Actress: Mika Barthel,Laura Clair,Nicole Segaud,Cathy Dupre,Eva Muller

Actors: Richard Lemieuvre,Dominique Aveline,Jacques Gatteau

Lucas is the head of a private-eye agency. While his assistant Jenny is out at work, he watches a porn cassette he has received from a customer who thinks his girl (Anne) can be seen in it. Jenny is keeping a watch on Dolores, a brunette who goes to a porn cinema and has an adventure with a man from the audience (Dominique Aveline). Jenny joins them. Then the two women go to a hotel where they make love together. Dolores tells Jenny she is married to an "avant-garde" film-maker who ignores her. Meanwhile, Lucas meets Elise, Anne's lover, who convinces him to bring her back. Lucas discovers the identity of the author of the porn movie featuring Anne (a man called Bobinard, alias for Edmé Koumat!). It dawns on Lucas that Koumat is also Dolores's husband. Koumat aknowledges making porn to finance his "avant-garde" films. The film ends on Koumat bringing his cameraman and a young brunette (spitting image of French director: Marie-Hélène Breillat) to film the inescapable final orgy in Lucas's office.

Adult 1980 girls in "Sodo Pou Une Blonde"

Friday, December 15, 2017


Adult 1980 girls1981FranceFrenchMika BarthelLaura ClairNicole SegaudCathy DupreEva MullerRichard LemieuvreDominique AvelineJacques Gatteau

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