70s sex movies : "Malabimba"


Name: Malabimba

Severin Films is proud to unleash one of the most degenerate treasures in EuroSleaze history! Delicious Katell Laennec (in her one and only screen appearance) stars as Bimba, a teenage temptress who plunges her entire family - including her widowed dad, wanton aunt, invalid uncle and even a beloved nun - into the depths of sexual depravity. Is she possessed by lust or just going through a really freaky puberty? Evil hungers for the ultimate in unholy pleasure. The Evil demands MALABIMBA!


Year: 1979

Duration: 84 min

Language: Italian

Country: Italy

Actors: Enzo Fisichella

Categories: 70s sex movies, 1979, Italy, Italian, Enzo Fisichella, Softcore


70s sex movies : "Malabimba"

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


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