French classic sex videos - "Derriere le miroir sans tain"


Name: Derriere le miroir sans tain

Actors: Alban Ceray,Dominique Aveline,Hubert Geral

Actress: Carole Pierac,Isabelle Brell,Emmanuelle Berdier

Categories: French classic sex videos, 1982, France, French, Carole Pierac, Isabelle Brell, Emmanuelle Berdier, Alban Ceray, Dominique Aveline, Hubert Geral

Sam is an author. His publisher wants him to write an erotic book. Unfortunately he has no imagination. To get some stimulation he watches a porn video together with his wife Agnes. Agness girlfriend Francoise joins them and describes an amorous adventure she has experienced recently: A young man stands in front of her while shes sitting on a bed reading a book. He undresses his pants and starts wanking. Turned on by him she stimulates herself. He cant stand it any longer and ejaculates on her pussy and her leg. Sexed-up by the story Sam, Agnes and Francoise participate in a threesome...


Country: France

Year: 1982

Language: French

Duration: 79 min

French classic sex videos - "Derriere le miroir sans tain"

Thursday, October 11, 2018


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