Cathy Menard sex : "Extramarital Affairs"


Name: Extramarital Affairs

Year: 1982

Duration: 128 min

Language: French

Country: France

Director: Patrick Aubin

Actress: Cathy Menard,Hare Krane,Claudia von Stadt,Jacky Saint Denis

Actors: Jacky Arnal

Categories: Cathy Menard sex, 1982, France, French, Patrick Aubin, Cathy Menard, Hare Krane, Claudia von Stadt, Jacky Saint Denis, Jacky Arnal

Bertrand is alone. His young wife Jenny is away from Paris for a few days. Happy with the situation and finds himself quickly overwhelmed, with women…without knowing that Jenny perfects her sexual skills as well…. When Jenny returns they will admit their respective adventures and decide to pursue those adventures together…., to break the monotony of the household.

Cathy Menard sex : "Extramarital Affairs"

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


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