Kimberly Carson pornstar : "Winner Takes All"


Name: Winner Takes All

Country: United States

Language: English

Director: Stuart Canterbury

Year: 1986

Duration: 79 min

Categories: Kimberly Carson pornstar, 1986, United States, English, Stuart Canterbury, Taija Rae, Crystal Breeze, Trinity Loren, Kimberly Carson, Sahara, Maggie Randall, Ron Jeremy, Hershel Savage, Frank James, Mike DeMarco, Anal, Swallow, Black, Latin

Actors: Ron Jeremy,Hershel Savage,Frank James,Mike DeMarco

Actress: Taija Rae,Crystal Breeze,Trinity Loren,Kimberly Carson,Sahara,Maggie Randall

Winner Takes All is a well-made, funny, sex-loaded feature that should be a winner for writer/director Stuart Canterbury. Canterbury's quick pace, steady camera and excellent direction lead the viewer through a tale of greed that is both erotic and funny.Herschel Savage is in line to inherit $10 million, but cousin Ron Jeremy has different plans for the money. So Jeremy hires a couple of hookers to detain Savage from signing the paperwork for the inheritance, and thinks he and girlfriend Kimberly Carson have won. But Liz Randall, Savage's best friend, pleads with the attorney that she'll do anything (and does) to allow Savage one more chance.Actually, the plot is quite intricate and does not lend itself to a short description. Suffice to say there's more plot here than in many other shot-on-video features, but Canterbury does a good job of keeping things from getting muddled. He also keeps the story from interfering with the sex. The Jeremy/Carson office scene is hot, and Taija Rae shows she can dish it out as well as take it, first with Mike DeMarco and then with fiance Savage.Comedy plays a bit part in this feature's success. Jeremy, of course, is the main source of comic relief here, particularly when he chases secretary Crystal Breeze around the room (in a non-sexual scene) and then when he blows himself up (it's a long story). And at the end of the tape there are trailers of funny X-rated bloopers, which show how much fun making an adult feature can be.This is good-time adult entertainment that is definitely worth a look.

Kimberly Carson pornstar : "Winner Takes All"

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


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