Amanda Shell fuck in "L'Epouse Bafouee"


Name: L'Epouse Bafouee

Roxy reluctantly dreams of taking part in an orgy. Yasmina has a car breakdown in the countryside and is picked up by Garet who drives her to the building site where he works as a foreman (in fact the grounds of a villa). In the garden Yasmina is seduced by the maid who brings her a ale. Then the maid gets it on with the gardener. Aroused by the scene Garet jumps off his digger and chases after Yasmina who falls into a hole. They have sex against a statue in the park. From the villa Roxy watches the proceedings through her binoculars.

Director: Pierre Unia

Language: French

Duration: 71 min

Year: 1986

Country: France

Actors: Jacky Arnal,Ghislain Garet

Categories: Amanda Shell fuck, 1986, France, French, Pierre Unia, Katerina Spathi, Michelle Davy, Mina Houghe, Marie-Chantal Trobert, Amanda Shell, Jacky Arnal, Ghislain Garet

Actress: Katerina Spathi,Michelle Davy,Mina Houghe,Marie-Chantal Trobert,Amanda Shell

Amanda Shell fuck in "L'Epouse Bafouee"

Thursday, January 10, 2019


Amanda Shell fuck1986FranceFrenchPierre UniaKaterina SpathiMichelle DavyMina HougheMarie-Chantal TrobertAmanda ShellJacky ArnalGhislain Garet

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