Lady Sabrina ass in "Captive Sessions"


Name: Captive Sessions

I'm pond scum! declares enthusiastic Scott Baker to beautiful Mistress Ariana and lovely Lady Sabrina. It's a domination session played strictly for laughs, with Scott playing his "Casper Milquetoast" role to the hilt. Sabrina and Ariana lay on the teasing and punishment, and Scott laps it up like an eager puppy. Scott is rewarded with the privilege of licking Sabrina's leather mini, then punished by tickling. There's more responsiveness in 30 seconds here than in an hour of most fem-dom tapes. On the technical side, this video falls short: It's in LP, shot with a hand-held camera, and has uneven editing. Even so, it still stands head and shoulders above typical domination fare.

Categories: Lady Sabrina ass, 1994, United States, English, Vince Benedetti, Ariana, Lady Sabrina, Scott Baker

Actress: Ariana,Lady Sabrina

Actors: Scott Baker

Director: Vince Benedetti

Country: United States

Duration: 111 min

Language: English

Year: 1994

Lady Sabrina ass in "Captive Sessions"

Thursday, January 10, 2019


Lady Sabrina ass1994United StatesEnglishVince BenedettiArianaLady SabrinaScott Baker

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