70s sex videos in "Histoire dQ"


Name: Histoire dQ

Categories: 70s sex videos, 1977, Switzerland, German, Gina Janssen, Sigrun Theil


Actress: Gina Janssen,Sigrun Theil

Story of Q is located around Lake Geneva and deals with the amorous adventures of Christophe, a young good-looking student. Q is the abbreviation for the french word ''idien which means daily and illustrates the frequency of his sexual needs. Celia, the blonde niece of a friend of his mum is his favourite. Things change when Heidi, another friends girl, stays a few weeks at their home. All attempts to conquer her heart (and body) fail and he continues his love affairs with other girls. Fiction and reality are mixed and in the end shes going to leave. The film consists of mostly brief sex scenes which tend to be as superficial as the characters.

Year: 1977

Language: German


Duration: 82 min

Country: Switzerland

70s sex videos in "Histoire dQ"

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


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